There are several options for accommodation:

  • Scandic Hotel Kemi (Event Centre) (A)
  • Hotel Merihovi (B)
  • Experience 365 – Snowhotel (C)
  • Motel Käpylä (E)
  • Hotel Pohjanranta (F)

Accommodation at Event Center:

Scandic Hotel Kemi, Hahtisaarenkatu 3, Kemi (A)
Reservation code 47584097
Phone: +358 9 4272 2560

Other options:

Hotel Merihovi, Keskuspuistokatu 6-8, Kemi (B)
Booking by email:

Experience 365 – Snowhotel, Lumilinnankatu 15, Kemi (C)
Booking by email:

Motel Käpylä, Torniontie 7, Keminmaa (E)
Booking by email

Hotel Pohjanranta, Pohjantie 23, Keminmaa (F)
Booking by email:


Type of room A B C D E F
Single room* 119,00 110,00 110,00 70,00 70,00
Double room* 139,00 130,00 120,00 80,00 90,00
Full board ** 38,00 30,00 36,50 24,00 23,00

*Price of the room per night in euros includes breakfast
**Full board includes lunch and dinner. The price is per person

There are also many other restaurants in the city of Kemi.
There is a limited number of rooms available. Prices are valid until 15th of February 2022.


Note that there is a huge industrial investment going on in Kemin from 2021 to 2023. During this period, there’s a great demand of accommodation, so book your accommodation well in advance.


Note that the transportation from accommodation to competition arena will be organized only from Scandic Hotel (Event Centre).


For other accommodation options, check Visit Sea Lapland.